SimuAWIPS Product Discontinued

The SimuAWIPS product has been discontinued, effective June 20, 2021. Since our initial announcement, we have received some questions around this decision. We are compiling some of the most frequently asked questions here. If there are other questions not yet answered, please direct them to

What exactly has been discontinued?

The entire SimuAWIPS product has been discontinued. You will not be able to log in and there will be no more use of the service.

Why has the product been discontinued?

This was ultimately a business decision. The economics of the product coupled with an increasing difficulty in supporting the product (and its legacy software base, GEMPAK) were two of the driving factors.

I have prepaid for a period that expires after June 30th. What happens to that unused portion?

We will be issuing pro rata refunds for all accounts that are paid beyond June 30th.

Will SimuAWIPS be coming back at a later date?

There are currently no plans to continue the product, or bring it back, after June 30th.

Is WeatherBell offering a replacement product?

WeatherBell does not offer a 1:1 replacement product. WeatherBell Premium ( ) does have a plethora of forecast model products (exceeding what is available in SimuAWIPS) and some observational data, however, does not provide the same level of radar, satellite or lightning data.

Can I license the SimuAWIPS software to run locally on my server/for internal use?

We are exploring this possibility. If you are interested, please contact us at